Coaches designed and built to offer the best experience to our customers.


What has not changed is our philosophy in the goal and commitment to our customers, to offer them the highest quality, safety and satisfaction as fundamental values of the company.


We are a family business dedicated to the transport of road travelers since 1970 and therefore, with a long experience in the sector, both nationally and internationally.


All of our vehicles meet the highest quality standards and current regulations. The professionalism of our drivers and quality of service we offer to our customers makes us a benchmark in the hiring of buses in Valencia.


EURO6 engines of the latest generation, which are the ones that pollute the least and help with the care of the environment.


At Autocares Rodrigo we have at your disposal a wide range of vehicles, with which we can cover any type of service and fulfill the highest expectations of quality, safety and comfort.


What people say?

christian bedoya

Este finde semana he solicitado los servicios para una cena. Autobús cómodo y muy limpio y sobre todo puntual. José Luis su conductor muy formal y Amable. Muchas gracias 100% recomendable.

Peter Wessel

Hoy hemos viajado con la compañía hasta Cuevas José y después a Sagunto. El autobús ha sido muy puntual y el conductor muy amable. Siempre volveremos a viajar con esta compañía. Muchas gracias

Arianne Martos

Mencion del servicio del sabado 4 de noviembre en el trayecto Masia Más Les Lloses - Ciudad de Valencia al conductor ANDRES por su paciencia, por esperarnos, por aguantarnos en el trayecto y en todo momento con una sonrisa. Pon un Andres en tu vida!!


Let us advise you on your transportation needs.


Our facilities in Valencia have the necessary structure to perform the functions of each department in the best possible way, which facilitates the management of everything, the services we offer and also the maintenance of all our vehicles (offices, workshop, warehouse, washing area…).


We have an integrated quality system recognized by the entity TÜVRheinland, who has given us the corresponding quality certificates and the right to use their trademark. 

These certificates meet the requirements set out in ISO 9001:2015 for quality standards and EN13816 for passenger transport services.

These recognitions point out our commitment to meeting our customers satisfactions goals and quality of service offered.